Founded in 1998, Amanda Nisbet Design has become one of the country’s arbiters of enduring elegance. With a design portfolio that includes numerous high-end residential projects in the United States, Canada and Europe, her work fulfills her clients’ desire for refined environments while timelessly meeting family life demands required of an interior.

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A show home by the sea.

I’m hooked on the ability of texture to evoke memories and emotions — it’s one of the subtlest yet most powerful aesthetic weapons in a designer’s arsenal. The shingles of this wraparound porch acted as the perfect foundation for me to create a more formalized design scheme without losing the essence of a home by the sea. While I created a comfortable, privatized space with the curtains and couches, the burlap shadowboxes, coral, and ample supplies of flowers offer consistent reminders that being in the country is all about being out of the house.

A sunset gradient.

This apartment was designed for a high-level executive at a renowned publishing company. Her mandate was to feel like she was living in the “light of the perfect glowing summer sunset”. That served as our inspiration behind the gradient pinks and oranges. The art is fanciful, feminine, and whimsical — some of our favorite adjectives — making the apartment serene and unabashedly feminine.

Behind the curtain.

A glimpse of Amanda’s own adjustments and evolution to personal style and home designs.