Founded in 1998, Amanda Nisbet Design has become one of the country’s arbiters of enduring elegance. With a design portfolio that includes numerous high-end residential projects in the United States, Canada and Europe, her work fulfills her clients’ desire for refined environments while timelessly meeting family life demands required of an interior.

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Pattern play delights the eye.

The caramel tones of the traditional wood paneling and the pink-and-white Positano wallpaper from my textile collection set the tone for this showhouse room. I loved the restrained architectural elegance of the room’s classical boiserie, the modesty of the fireplace contrasted with the over-scaled French windows. I wanted to demonstrate that the seemingly antiquated decor could be invigorated with modernity — that the old could be young once again. And it’s not just the wallpaper and color contrasts; pattern play can be found in mixing elements — architectural, decorative, even organic.

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