Founded in 1998, Amanda Nisbet Design has become one of the country’s arbiters of enduring elegance. With a design portfolio that includes numerous high-end residential projects in the United States, Canada and Europe, her work fulfills her clients’ desire for refined environments while timelessly meeting family life demands required of an interior.

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From city to sea.

This home was created for another dear family client, for whom I’ve designed multiple residences. The need to balance elegance and functionality for a large family (with dogs!) remained a focus of our collaboration, as the parents enjoy entertaining and wanted to keep kept in traditional Hamptons decor. I focused on supporting this need in the common rooms; creating a space that felt like home, but could support a summer party or evening gathering among friends. The upstairs and bedrooms, though, are themed for the residents: the boy’s room features nautical and ocean motifs, while the relaxing bedroom for the parents is enveloped in rich, but gentle, blue hues.

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